About Cookies or How securely log into accounts

To easily log into any account you purchased at likepusher.com we have developed a secure method.
With your account you receive txt-file with Cookies. Each account will have related txt-file. Login of account and name of related txt-file with Cookies are the same.
Before logging into account you need to open the txt-file. Inside it you’ll find out all info how to upload the Cookies.
It’s very easy and securely. This method allows you to prevent security check by first login in about of cases.
You are able to use Mozilla Firefox  or Google Chrome to upload the Cookies. You need to instal our add-on or extension.
Mozilla Firefox add-on:
Google Chrome extension:
After you successfully download our extension/add-on please clean cash, cookies and history in your browser.
Then just put code of cookies from the txt-file into our extension/add-on. And push UPLOAD


You should see “Success” in the text-box. Now you can go to www.facebook.com
Your account should be already logged in. If not then just put email/password and push Login button.
In case you face any Security check please contact us via Skype: Pavel LikePusher