Please check the following answers.
If you can’t find needed info please contact us via Skype: Pavel LikePusher

What kind of accounts is better for my work?
— Please click on the blue button “Details” in sections “Select Type for Accounts” and find out which ones are better for you.
I sent an order but I have not received the answer from you. What should I do?
— Please check your spam folder. If you couldn’t find the email from us then please contact our manager via Skype: Pavel LikePusher
Do the accounts have profile pic, posts and photos?
— Empty accounts do not have any of them. All other accounts have profile picture, few posts and about 5-7 photos of the person.
I need the invoice, could you send me it via PayPal?
— Yes, sure. Please mark it in comment box and type your PayPal.
I’d like to send the payment in BTC. Is it possible?
— Yes, sure. Please mark it in comment box. Our manager will send you the link to pay.
I would like to buy many accounts. May I have any discount?
— Yes, sure. You will have:
15% discount for orders for more than 100 accounts
30% discount for orders for more than 500 accounts
I sent the order and already paid it. When will I get my accounts?
— The ETA is about 1-5 days. Each of yours accounts will be checked manually before the delivering. So it takes some time to prepare all your accounts, even if it only one account was ordered.
5 days are alreday gone and I didn’t receive my accounts. What should I do?
— Please contact us via Skype or email. We will solve the problem and send you accounts. All issues will be solved with our support manager. If you are going to post your coplains with obscene language and accusitions in scam then we won’t work with you further. All our pablic threads and forums are the places where you can share your experiences. Our Skype and email are the tools that can help you in solving your working problems. Our support is always sticking to help you.
Is your Support working 24/7?
— Nope, right now it’s not. We always try to answer you as soon as possible.
I need the accounts from specific area — country/city. Can you prepare these accounts?
— Usually we can do it. Please mark it in comment box by sending the order.
I received the accounts. How can I successfully log into accs?
— With accounts details you received Cookies in txt-files to each account. Each txt-file is named as login of related account. Please open the file and find out — How to upload the cookies.
I received the accounts. How fast should I check the accounts?
— You will have 48h to check all accounts. If you won’t send us an email that accounts are not working or got locked within this period of time then we regard that you logged into all accounts successfully.
I ordered aged accounts but you are sending me fresh accounts. Why is it so?
— Please check Activity Log of your accounts. You can easily find out when your accounts were registered. If it’s a fresh one account then we have sent it you by mistake. Please type us a message/email and our manager will help you.
I do not see the phone number on my account. But you said that all accounts are PVA. Why is my account without a phone number?
— Yes, accounts are PVA. But after verification we remove numbers from all accounts. Because we do not have access to these numbers in future. So we can’t unlock your account in case Facebook will ask for re-verification by sending sms with a code to previous phone number.
My accounts were locked by trying to login. What should I do?
— Please type us an email with list of locked accounts. We will unlock them within 1-2 days or prepare replacements for you.
After few days/weeks my accounts are asking to upload picture that clearly shows face of the person. What should I do?
— Please type us an email with logins from these accounts and we will send you the photos.
How many accounts should I use from one IP?
— You can use max to 10 accounts from one IP. But if your accounts are doing exactly the same actions then better to reduce amount to 8 accounts from one IP.
What should I use: Proxy or VPN?
— It’s up to you. We always prefer Proxies because it’s more easy to use them with our software. But please choose only trusted providers.
Here are few providers that we are using: