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How much time i have to spend daily for managing my project with FB System PRO?

- With FB System PRO you don't have to waste your time on project routine at all. Since you set your project once you will get friends on fully automat every day. Do your bussiness and watch how your facebook profiles become popular!

Can i set maximal amount of friend requsts i send from account per day?

- Yes, you can! FB System PRO gives you a wide range of different settings and options. If you are an amateur in FB Marketing you can use default setting which already set in the software. Professional will be able to do everything by their own way: how many requests to send, accept or not income requests, which accounts must or not send requests, maximal and minimal limits of friends you want to have.

Can i accept income friend requests automatically?

- Yes, it's very easy. You just tip the box "Accept friend requests" and they will be approving automatically every day. Leave the box empty if you don't want to accept income friend requests.

How many friends i can add on an account?

- As many as you want. Facebook let you have 5 000 friends on account. The friends growth depends on your account and audience you are trying be friends with. According to our expereience usually 1 account gets from 2 to 10 friends per day from 30 friends requests. Sometimes accounts are getting 20-100 targeted friends per day. Than more relatable to your niche your accounts look than more friends they get. For example account with pics of hot girl probably won't get any friends from motherhood community members.

Where can i get accounts and proxies?

- We provide everything you need, you can buy accounts and proxies from us. So you don't have to search for proxy provider that can be too expensive and buy accounts from some untrusted seller. Take all in one place! We provide the best services for facebook!

Can i run FB System PRO on my laptop?

- For FB System PRO you should have a PC on Windows platfrom. Doesn't matter if it is laptop or table computer. We recommend to use PC with next requirements: i3, 2.6 GHZ, 8 GB RAM, Windows OS, 10 mpbs speed internet connection to run 200 accounts.

Can i use FB System PRO on different computers at the same time?

- You can use one license of FB System PRO only from one computer. If you need to change your computers, you can install FB System PRO on another one any time you want to.

Does it take a lot of time to install the FB System PRO?

- Since your computer is ready, we will install the system in an hour and you will be able to run your project!